future riteee

i miss alyssa and all the shows. i love my best friends but alyssa is one too even though i havent known her for nearly as long, i think she is the only one that gets my personality, the others understand my pain. just miss all our great times :(, but there will b better shows and more memories. hopefully she will b apart of them again, that and this guy that even tho i shouldnt get my hopes up but damn its so hard when all i ever wanted is someone to enjoy the music as i do and b able to b a friend with. also helps that i think hes gorgeus, we will see where this goes. i have no high hopes just eyes that twinkle at the idea <3
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omg its been forever

i dunno how long it has been and i guess i will go back and read to see how long it actually has been after i finish this. soooo many things have happened and still i feel like im in the same place. the only thing i have that makes me feel at peace and gives me strength to not give up is my gorgeous daughter. Photobucketshe is truely turning into a beauty and i have to stick around to make sure noone hurts her and she truely apprecaites the life she has been given.
im almost 25 and maturing more each day, thank god bc the stupidity ive had in the past was completely unbearable. still cant believe some of the mistakes ive made, but then again i wouldnt b where i am today without them. i often think about kevin and about how much i did love him. i know i wasnt ready though and cant blame myself for that. i mean, that is the reason why i ran away from brandon and he was everything i wanted, even though kevin was everything i needed. it was just meant to be that way i guess. ive been dealt shitty cards since then but im hoping that that one day god will send me my prince charming in my eyes, one day! im just glad i am getting closer to my family now, and can b there for my grandma the way my mom would have wanted. also im almost done with my license to do hair and im so F en excited!!! i cant wait to enjoy my job everyday even though i know i will work with dumb ass people. thought i am lucky bc i have the best friends to help me get thru it all. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
oh yea so i was vegan for over a year and a half then moved back to suck ass houston and some how dumbass guys and it being hard to b vegan there convinced me to eat meat again so i got fat. doesnt matter bc ive been vegan again for 2 months now and havent eaten meat for almost 3, i feel better and starting to look better!!!
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